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Part of living a more sustainable lifestyle is reducing waste and elminating items that are single-use. Learning how to compost is one of the best ways to become more sustainable in the way you live by reducing waste and what goes to landfil and finding multiple uses for waste items.

Within the urban landscape urban composting is even more important due to the increasing rate of urbanisation and in return, the increase in city-generated waste. Urban composting includes a few techniques that allow urban dwellers and city folk to compost household food waste and turn it into nutritious and clean compost. When growing your own food, urban compost increases the quality due to no contaminates present in the final compost.

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When it comes to your composting options in built up, or residential areas, then some composting methods may be better suited than others. That being said it is always great to undertstand the different composting methods, how they work, and which one will work best in your environment. For me, being in Cape Town, South Africa, I find that Bokashi is the most space and neighbour concious way of composting. Other methods of composting pose the risk of smells and rodents and Bokashi, coupled with a a soil or earth factory works wonders.


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