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There is no better feeling than growing your own food, building the compost and nutrients your plants need to feed you and then eating the fruits your plants bless you with. Alothough, there is something better than growing your own food – EATING your own food!

Part of my journey to living a more sustainable life means reducing my consumption mentality. When you grow your own food you are a lot less likley to throw food away. You put hours, days, months and years into getting your space to work for you and feed you, so the last thing you are going to do is throw food away.

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Changing a mindset can make all the difference and my sustainable living recipes are meant to inspire you to try new things and venture into the world of canning, preserving, jams, sauces and fresh food eating. Once you learn the art of saving food and using all that the plants have to offer, the more rich your life will become, knowing you do not need to rely on anyone to keep you fed and healthy. 


Here are some yummy sustainable living recipes to make the most out of your harvests

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