Zucchini: Natural colouration vs Powdery Mildew

see the difference for yourself

Powdery Mildew is a very common disease on Zucchini plants. It’s so common you can almost be guaranteed to have powdery mildew on your squash plants at some point during the growing season. 

What is important to know is the difference between powdery mildew and the natural colouration of zucchini plants. Zucchini plants have a natural silvering of the leaves as they mature. This silvering of the leaves is very often confused with powdery mildew and most often people treat the plants for something the plant does not have, exposing it to uneccesary contaminates. 

This video is a quick showcase where we have natural silvering and colouration of zucchini leaves and powdery mildew right next to each other so you can see the difference for yourself. 


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