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How to turn Bokashi into compost using a Soil / Earth factory

When you look at ways to make urban composting work for you then you will quickly see that across many different groups and platforms that Bokashi composting is incredibly popular and efficient. Here I will show you how to turn Bokashi into compost using a soil or eath factory.

Due to the fact that Bokashi does not give you finished compost, but rather fermented food waste, you need to find ways to allow your bokashi bin content to turn into compost. This is where the soil factory, also referred to as an earth factory, comes into play. This allows you to be able to turn your bokashi into 100% ready to use compost in as little as 2 months. It is a highly efficient cold compsoting method that requires a very small amount of space and absolutely zero effort or maintenance – a win for busy urban lifestyles.

How to use a soil factory to make compost from Bokashi

What’s better than growing your own food? I would say composting, but to me they are equally awesome! Taking food scraps or kitchen leftovers and turning it into compost is an incredible feeling. Using home made compost to feed your plants and grow healthy, clean food is a feeling that is hard to describe. So, here are some steps to start composting in small urban or residential areas so you can get a headstart with growing your own nutritious food at home. 

Step 1 – make sure you have Bokashi that has completed the 2-week fermentation process. You will need 1 full 20L bucket of fermented Bokashi.

Step 2 – drain off all the bokashi tea from your bokashi bin to make sure the soil factory doesn’t get messy.

Step 3 – Make sure you have your soil factory and compost at hand and add a layer of compost into your soil factory that is 1/3 the height of the soil factory.

Step 4 – empty the entire bucket of fermented bokashi into the soil factory

Step 5 – add another 1/3 layer of compost on top of the bokashi you added to the soil factory

Step 6 – NB!!! Turn the bokashi around inside the soil factory so that the compost added in the bottom and the top is properly mixed into the bokashi. You want as much compost to touch as much of the bokashi as possible to aid in the breakdown process. Step 7 – Add another 1/3 layer of compost on top of the mixed up ingredients, zip the bag closed, or add the lid, and let it stand in a cool dark place for 2 months.


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