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How to make homemade Calamondin Marmalade

If you are growing your own food at home you might just be growing Calamindon or other small citrus such as Kumquats. These little citrus fruits make the most delicious marmalade jams for the home kitchen. Better yet, they are free from all things synthetic or mass produced. In addition to that, any by product goes straight into the compost pile to put nutrients back into the soil 

Making homemade Calamondin Marmalade is a pretty straight forward process. This recipe does call for some effort when it comes to preparing the little citrus fruit, but otherwise it is really simple. 

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Steps on how to make your own home made Calamondin Marmalade


Step 1: Collect your ripe Calamondin fruits

Step 2: Remove all the pip from the little fruits

Step 3: Strain the juice to separate the pips from the juice

Step 4: Cut the pipped Calamondin fruits into thin slices

Step 5: Combine the juice and sliced fruits and weight it

Step 6: Add equal parts sugar

Step 7: (OPTIONAL) Add 1 shot of whisky for added flavour

Step 8: Add 1 tbsp of butter and stir over low heat to combine all the ingredients and dissolve the sugar

Step 9: Bring the mixture to a boil and stir regularly until the mixture becomes a syrup-like consistency



– Utensils (knife, teaspoon, bowls, strainer, pots & glass jars

– Roughly 40 ripe calamondin fruits

– Equal parts fine white sugar

– 1 tbsp butter

– 1 shot of whisky (optional)

Once you have made your yummy, homemade calamondin marmalade, add it to sterilised jars and add lids while the marmalade cools to create a strong seal. Store them in the fridge and if your marmalade is as yummy as mine then it won’t last very long so no need to worry about storage time.


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