cranberry fig jam

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Fig jam is a very popular jam and is a very easy jam to make at home. This recipe is an absolute winner, because it is not seasonal, meaning you don’t need fresh ingredients, so you can enjoy it any time of the year. 

What makes this receipe so yummy is that is uses dried figs, instead of fresh figs, which makes the flavour less ‘figgy’ but carries through the more savoury flavour of the dried figs. 

Then you add frozen cranberries to the mix and you have a flavour sensation. Tarty, sweet, crunchy and sticky. This is an absolute dream on scones and also works really well with cheese platters and roast dishes. 

What are you waiting for…give this cranberry fig jam a go!

Steps on how to make Cranberry fig jam


Step 1: Sterilise your jam jars and lids

Step 2: Add your water to a pot on high heat

Step 3: Add your fresh or frozen cranberries, dried figs (chunky, finely dices or blended), sugar and lemon peel

Step 4: Cook for at least 20 minutes, stirring regularly and ‘popping’ cranberries to facilitate quicker mixing of ingredients

Step 5: Once all your ingredients have broken down and you have a jam-like consistency, remove from the heated plate and remove all the lemon peels you added.

Step 6: Remove sterilised jars & lids and, while the jam is still hot, fill the jars with a sterilised spoon, leaving about 2cm at the top, and immediately add the lid.



340 grams/12 ounces fresh or frozen cranberries

200 grams/ 7 ounces dried figs

one and a half cups of water

1 cup of sugar

peel of 1 lemon


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