Growing Garlic Guide – How to PLANT Garlic at home

see how to grow your own garlic

Growing your own garlic at home is gaining traction and more and more people are starting to grow their own garlic. When it comes to growing your own garlic at home, its important that you know HOW TO PLANT GARLIC as this specific crop can be very demanding when it comes to the conditions that it likes to grow in.

This video included on this post is a detailed guide on how to plant garlic showing you each of the steps and explainging why they are so important.

If you have never grown your own garlic, or just want to give it a go, make sure you watch this video and get all the information to prepare yourself and your garlic for the best yield possible.

what you need to know about planting garlic at home

1. Timing: Garlic needs to be planted in the fall, or Autumn, and undergoes a few different growing stages before it is ready to be harvested and cured. 

2. Soil Conditions: Garlic needs soil that is free-draining, high in organic material and is weed-free. The soil needs to retain moisture but never become soggy as garlic cloves can rot quickly when subjected to long periods of soggy soil.

3. Growing Conditions: When planting garlic, make sure it is in a spot that received year-round sun and a min of 12hrs in summer. Never have your garlic exposed to strong winds, hail or torrential rains as this will cause damage.

4. Fertilising: During the planting phase, the only fertiliser/soil amendment you need is high nitrogen. It does need additional resources later on, but we will cover that when we get to those seasons to no overwhelm you with information. High nitrogen fertiliser or soil is needed to get garlic to grow and put on as much leafy growth, build up energy via photosynthesis, and ultimately convert that energy into garlic bulb production.


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