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DIY Repurposed Hanging Onion Drying Rack

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One of the permaculture principles, and a very important aspect of living sustainably, is repurposing a used item or finding more than 1 way to use a single product. That is what this video is about. 

When my oven baking grid broke, I has to find alternative ways of using it. There is no point in sending this to a landfill when there is a multitude of ways to use it. 

So, what I did is create a really simple and easy to use a hanging drying rack for curing my onions and/or garlic. Onion curing racks can get pretty elaborate and complicated, but repurposing something as simple as a broken oven grid shows that sometimes is the beauty of simplicity that wins the day. 

Next time something breaks remember to look for creative ways of reusing it.



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