DIY Plant Labels from Yoghurt Tubs

Reducing plastic waste is one of the most important things we can do within our urban lifestyles. Single use plastic has no benefit to anyone or anything besides serving humans once. Finding clever ways to reuse or repurpose plastics is a great way to minimise plastic stress on landfill and reduce spend on items that could be made at home, for free.

In this instance I made some DIY plant labels from an old yoghurt tub. Plastics, like yoghurt tubs, are hard to avoid, but finding ways to give them more than 1 use does help. My DIY plant labels are very easy, give you quite a lot of labels in one go and provide a visible writing space as big or small as you would like.

Here are the steps that I took to make my batch of DIY plant labels:


Step 1:

Find an old yoghurt tub, or one you have just used, and thoroughly clean it out. Also make sure you have a shart and long nose scissors on hand.

Step 2:

Cut a single, straight line from the rim of the yoghurt tub to the base of the tub. This is the first cut from which all subsequent plant labels will be cut out from.

Step 3:

Decide how big you want the individual labels and cut striaght lines from the rim to base in those width’s until you have gone right round to the beginning again.

Step 4:

This can be tricky to get started. Get your scissor inbetween a plant label as close as possible to the base. From there you need to cut all along the base of the tub where the striaght lines have ended. This will release each label as you cut over it.

Step 5 (optional):

Take each of the labels and cut off the rim part that is left from the yoghurt tub. This will give you a smooth top and bottom to the label.

You then also have the option of cutting a V into the bottom of the label, but I found that this is not really necessary.


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