DIY pallet compost bin

Composting is one of the most effective ways of living a more sustainable life. Urban Composting is also one of the easier thigns you can do that require very little ongoing maintenance (depending on the composting method of choice) and delivers amazing results.

A very quick way to start composting is build a DIY compost pile out of recycles pallets. You only need 3 pallets for 1 bin and 5 pallets to make 2 bins side by side. This allows you to run 2 piles simultaneously and to maximise your composting returns.

When composting in a compost pile be mindful of the required ratios of greens to browns. The general rule is 1 part green to 2 parts brown and make sure the bin always remains moist. A compost pile will also require regular turning, or aerating, to make sure oxygen gets where it needs to in order to effectively complete the composting process.

why is composting so important when becoming more sustainable?

The best way to explain this is by taking you down a cycle of reuse to create the picture of the knock-on effect composting has on every aspect of living and becoming a more sustainable urban dweller.

1. Take your food scraps and start composting them. Normally you would throw your food waste in the bin where it heads to land fill and creates harmful gasses and servers no purpose and never replenishes the soil that it was taken from.

2. Use compost from your food scraps to feed the food/plants you are growing now. When you do this you do not need to buy in bags of compost. You are reducing plastic consumption and your carbon footprint through all the travel time on trucks getting the compost to your house. You are also replenishing the nutrients that were used to the plants that made you more food.

3. Use plant matter to add to your compost. Along with kitchen scraps you can add your garden waste to start creating even more compost. When you do this you are using everything nature has to offer to build a healthy, living soil that continues to feed the plants that feed you.


Take urban composting to the next level with urban chickens

If you have some hens at home, then you have the ability to create even more of a closed loop. You are then able to significantly enrich your compost and create food at the same time.

With Urban Chickens you are able to feed them some of your food scraps, which goes into creating lovely eggs. Those eggs are a completely clean source of food which leave egg shells behind. Those egg shells are then used in the compost to add nutrients back into the soil and also fed back to the chickens to give them additional nutrition. They also leave behind a trail of chicken manure, which is an incredibly rich fertiliser. This chicken fertiliser then goes into the compost to further enrich it to provide your vegetables with the most nutritional resources they can get to grow healthy and carry over those nutrients into what we eat.



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