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Apricot leaves curling on new spring growth

what curling apricot leaves look like

Growing apricots in the home garden is rewarding and oh so yummy! I honestly do not think you have tasted a real apricot until you have eaten a freshly picked, tree ripened, sun baked apricot. 

However, growing your own apricot trees at home comes with its own challenges and one of those challenges is apricot leaf curl. There are many different reasons for apricot leaf curl and this specific topic on on curling apricot leaves that emerge from the new leaf growth in spring. Watch the video to see some real world examples of what the apricot leaf curl looks like and if it is similar to what you may have encountered in your own home orchard at some point or another. 

what causes apricot leaves to curl?


Apricot leaf curl is caused by a fungal disease that results in severe deformations on the apricot leaves and also impact the fruit formation. However, there are many other reasons why apricot leaves can curl without it being the leaf curl disease. One of them are red spider mites that can spin webs that cause leaves to come out curled. Another can be the leafroller worm or it could be something as I experienced – nothing of the above. 

In my instance, leaves were getting stuck to each other and coming out curled up, however, when I uncurled them, the leaves grew beautifully and all subsequent leaf growth came out normally. It was almost as if the outer casing on the bud was too thick for the leaves to break out of, causing them to grow into each other. 

This is a perfect example of not jumping to conclusion and treating or spraying, without being completely sure you know what it is. I will, however, just to make sure there are not overwintering pests or diseases, spray the entire tree down with lime sulphur during winter dormancy.


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