My Sustainability Journey

Being part of the change is the only way to bring about change. Waiting for local and global leaders to make change isn’t going to happen, so we need to empwoer ourselves to make sure we live clean and sustainable lives.

My Sustainability Journey Story

My Sustainability Journey is a personal journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. It is not a journey to self reliance, but rather, within an urban environment with daily jobs how to make small changes that can have a big impact on personal and environmental wellness. The idea behind sharing and documenting my sustainability journey is to share my learnings, failures, wins and everything inbetween. It is also about being realistic with what is achievable with limited space and time.

What My Sustainability Journey is NOT, is a rural farm with almost endless amounts of space and resources. This journey is not about how to farm, how to grow all your own food or become 100% self reliant.

I have come to very clearly understand that we need to be realistic about our goals. For the majority of people in the world, urban environments with government by-laws, small gardens, and limited time are the norm. This is the journey I want to share with you – to make urban living more enjoyable and sustainable, from Keeping Chickens, composting, rainwater harvesting, yummy receipes and growing food.

Live a more sustainable urban life

Urban Composting

urban composting

Take the leap to becoming more sustainable with how you life by reducing your waste and landfil contribution.

Grow your own food - home

grow your own food

From the garden to your plate! Learn how to grow your own food and start controlling what you put into your body.

sustainable living recipes - home


Taking tasty ingredients and making yummy dishes. These sustainable living recipes are a great way to experiment.

Raising Urban Chickens

urban chickens

Start your clean eating journey with urban chickens and build healthy soil and reduce food waste at the same time.

My Sustainability Journey - Chickens and sustainable eggs

Sustainable Urban Living

Sustainability is very broad term that has been used and abosed over time. For me, sustainable living means reducing my footprint on earth, regenerating what I take from the environment and try leave anything I use in a better state that when I first touched it. That being said I am also being realitic. I cannot be 100% self sustaining with regards to water, electricity and food. We simply dont have the space. However, reducing food waste to almost zero, creating compost to feed my veggies and using those resources to feed chickens that provide fertilister and eggs is the self sustaining loop that I am trying to build and optimise as much as possible.

some of my knowledge sharing

Days of winter left

The seasons have gone through change and the home veggie garden is now in transition. Autumn is a great time to reflect on the summer growing season that was, clean up and prepare the garden for the colder winter growing season and plan out all your winter cops. 

This countdown timer is a great way to know what you can still plant plant on the maturity days of a specific vegetable before the seasons start to change.








Sharing some sustainable living thoughts

I love the journey I am on and I know I am not the only one. I have a blog running where I share my thoughts, learning and motivations. I want to success and I want everyone following me to success and the best way to achieve this, and grow, is to build a community and help each other.

Hope you enjoy the blogs of My Sustainability Journey!

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