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When you learn to grow your own food at home you are not only learning how to grow food, but you also start to understand how the world works, how ecosystems function and how important our role is in reversing the effects of agriculture and monocrop plants. One of the most rewarding experiences you will face when growing your own food is how every creature has its place. Ever pest has a predator andd for that predator there is another one, and so the food chain continues. Every part of the system needs to work together and when growing your own food you help to harness and help these systems to retore some of the damage we have created. 

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My series of videos and blogs are aimed at equipping you with real-world experiences of how to grow food. No theories and heresay, just straight up real world experiences with show and tell’s to give you the vidual guidance you need to thrive when growing your own food at home.  


Here are some great videos on how to grow your own food at home

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