Garden Pests & Diseases

When growing your own food at home you are blessed with abundance that is free from commercial pesticides and herbicides. However, it also means greater exposure to pests & diseases that just love feasting on highly nutritious and healthy plants. 

One of the most important aspects of treating pests and diseases in the garden is to be able to correctly identify them. Early identification of bugs and diseases means you can get onto treatment quickly and implement the necessary prevention techniques to keep bud insects and damaging diseases out of your vegetable garden.

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My series of videos and blogs below are aimed at equipping you with real-world experiences of how to identify and treat insects that cause damage and diseases that destroy plants. I believe in a balanced micro ecosystem where benefitial bugs need to live in existance with pesky bugs. These videos cover the importance of this and how to achieve it in your own garden. 


Here are some great videos on how to identify and treat common pests and diseases

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